Penalty and Interest

By XYZ updated on 9/19/2014.

Late T1, T2, T3 income tax return filings
Penalty – 5% of unpaid tax plus 1% of unpaid tax for each complete month to a maximum of 12 months

Late HST return filings
Penalty – 1% of any unpaid tax plus 0.25% for each complete month the return is outstanding, to a maximum of 12 months (total penalty maxes at 4%)

Late HST and income tax payments
Interest – T-Bill rate plus 4%

Late T3, T4, T5, NR4 & T5018 information return filings
Penalty – greater of $100 or $10-$75/day times the number of days (to a maximum of 100 days)

Late T5013 information return filings
Penalty – $25/day to a maximum of $2500
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