Qualified rental receipt

By XYZ updated on 3/8/2018.


Qualified rental receipt include below informtion:

  • the amount of rent paid (支付总额)
  • the date the rent was paid (支付时间)
  • the rent period (租住起止日期)
  • the name of the person who paid the rent (付款人姓名)
  • the address of the property you rented (出租房地址,包括地址,邮编,城市)
  • the name of the person/business who received the payment (收款人姓名)
  • the signature of the landlord (房东签字)

If you rent an appartment, you should provide (如果你租住的是Apartment,你需要提供):

  • Rental contract (租房合同)
  • Payment record (银行付款记录)

The receipt must be English (另外,我们居住在加拿大,收条还必须是英文的。)


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